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X Group Retirement

At X Group Retirement, we first help you identify and prioritize your financial goals and objectives. Once we gather the facts and feelings related to those goals, we develop a personalized strategy that is appropriate for your situation.


By meeting with you on a regular basis, we help you remain on track to reach your most important financial goals and dreams. X Group Retirement is a firm that creates tax-free retirement plans using tax planning strategies that make your money tax-exempt. Using these core principles X Group Retirement protects all our client's investments from longevity risk and tax risks.


Wayman C Randolph is the CEO of X Group Retirement, a multi-national independent insurance brokerage. Founded in 2005, X Group Retirement is a partner with the top A Rated Insurance Companies, National Life Group, Ameritas, FG Life, and many others.

Being a Houston Native, born and raised in 5th Ward, Wayman Randolph made X Group Retirement Financial Services mirror the diversity of our client base, which is representative of the cultural richness and history of Houston. Wayman Randolph had the opportunity to go from Wall Street to Main Street. An opportunity that has molded all X Group Retirement Financial Professionals into exceptional agents that have proven capabilities and a track record of exceptional performance in serving clients. X Group Retirement has the experience to serve clients’ portfolios, preventing all tax risks. Our clients range from all walks of life because everyone is entitled to a great retirement.

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Our Core Values

We practice what we preach






We Work With the Very Best

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