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Tax Free Retirement Plans
Social Security Maximizaton
Executive Bonus 162 Plans

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Tax Free Retirement Plans

Programs that have a zero-tax bracket. Retirement Plans That are invisible to the IRS which offers Protection from the Social Security Tax. Tax Free Retirement Plans offer protection from Future Tax Increases and especially the 16th Amendment.


Social Security Maximization

Creating preventive maintenance from WEP and GPO that can cause you to lose important income dollars for life. Understanding how to eliminate the 2:1 law by mitigating Provisional Income, with tax exempt savings.


Executive Bonus 162 Plans

A business practice that allows business owners or companies to provide additional supplemental benefits to key employees or executives. These plans are 100% all in for the “Needs and Necessary Employee”. Creating a High-Level Tax deduction that keeps High-Level Talent. Using leveraged dollars is huge savings to any corporation to keep that superior talent from going to the competition.


401(k) Rollovers

Since 1978 401k’s have been an alternative to Define Benefit plans (Pensions). This alternative has proven to be a benefit for supplemental retirement. But all 401k’s lack one thing a “Lifetime Income”. So, a 401k Rollover is a great solution to seeking an unemployment that is paid for life. Because no one wants to outlive their money.


Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Imagine losing 2 out of your 6 Activities of Daily Living. What do you do, Long Term Care becomes the viable option. But we all know Long Term Care is the Retirement Buster. Assisted Living Facilities cost on average 225 a day. That comfortable Nest Egg will begin to crack. What is the contingency plan, a paid living benefit from a life insurance plan?

401(k) Rollovers
Life Insurance with Living Benfits
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